Probiotic Smoothie Recipe

Our gut health is everything , it is so important to have plenty of good bacteria in our body to maintain your energy levels, proper body function, radiant skin condition, healthy hair just to name a few. Probiotics are extremely important in your diet, so here is a very delicious way to make sure you get plenty of good bacteria in your body.


Your main ingredient for this smoothie is Twisted Coconut Yogurt. It’s 98% fat free, made from all natural ingredients and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health. And guest what?  Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is gluten free which makes it very easy on your stomach.

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1 .Half of mango

2. Whole banana

3. A cup of Coconut Water of your choice

4. 2 large scoops of Twisted Coconut Yogurt


Blend in your Nutri Bullet or blender, add some passion fruit on top and this is basicly it, you got yourself a mouthwatering smoothie full of goodness and good bacteria! Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is also very good on its own, as a dessert. I am usually not a fan of coconut yogurts, but this is beyond! I would eat it for days! Highly recommend you guys to try it too! Just pop in to your local Woolworth!


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T2 Teas: The Recipe for Perfect Chai

Earlier this year T2 had an amazing pop up store in Pitt Street mall that allowed customers to create their very own blend of Chai. Apart from huge variety of spices and teas the packaging and store decorations were absolutely incredible! The price for a large tint of personally selected Chai was $40, in my opinion it was worth the money but each to their own.

So here is what you see when you come in. Truly magical.

Once you walk in, you will get to choose one of the beautiful tins for your tea, gold, rose gold or black. Rose gold for me, of course, since it matches my decor at home.

Your next step is to select the tea leaves and up to 5 spices. I like my Chai sweet and spicy, if you have similar taste you can follow my recipe.

My selection for tea leaves ended up being Red Rooibos, they are loose tea with health benefits and no caffeine, which is perfect for cold evenings at home.

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After that you get to add extra blend to your selection of tea leaves,  my selection were Indian Spice to make it more authentic, Honey Green Almon for nutty flavour and Spi Chai with anise seeds for spiciness and a bit of personality.

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Then i have added some extras such as Choc Chips for the perfect chocolaty flavour, Just Rose for aroma and appearance, Orange Peel for the citrusy taste and Chilli Flakes and Red Pepercorns for an extra kick

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And there it is the perfect spicy Chai that is good for you yet can pretty much replace a desert when added with Coconut or Almond Milk. Perfection on a rainy day! Or you can just stare at it because it is that beautiful.

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Bulletproof Coffee

If you ever visit health conscious cafes such as Proteini or About Life, you may have noticed the unusual health trend called The Bulletproof Coffee.What is it? Well, first of all, it’s a coffee. It is a regular long black with cow’s milk butter, or coconut oil or/and MCT oil. Then it blended all together and it’s ready to serve. MCT oil  is Medium-chain triglycerides (or MCTs for short) are made up of medium-chain fatty acids and basically it’s very easy for the body to break down and use as energy. So if you want extra energy boost you can add MCT oil to your coffee together with either coconut or grass fed butter. MCT can be purchased at any major health store.

I’ve never heard about Bulletproof coffee until my best friend (who is also very into the same healthy lifestyle as I am) made it for me in his own kitchen. Seeing butter falling into my coffee cup freaked me out, first of all because I consider butter being unhealthy, second of all because its kinda gross if you are seeing it for the first time. Apparently, butter is packed with nutrients if it’s organic and grass fed cow butter…You have to use organic coffee with it too. Don’t like the idea of using butter? Try coconut oil.

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee: 

1. Gives greater mental focus and clarity.

2. Give a caffeine lift without the wonky stomach we get from coffee.

3. Assists with weight loss.

4. Sustain your energy level longer (i.e., no “crash”).

5. Fill you up for the whole day.

How to make BulletProof coffee:

1. Make a cup of organic long black coffee
2. Add full cream grass fed cow milk or coconut milk
3. Take 2 table spoons  of organic grass fed cow butter
4. Add a spoon of organic coconut oil or MCT oil
3. Mix butter, oil and coffee in blender
4. Serve



Quick and Easy Chicken Recipe

This is the easiest and one of the most delicious chicken recipes you will ever have to make. I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen so this is perfect and will only require few ingredients. I would suggest using organic free range  chicken breasts and keep the rest of ingredients organic too I get my groceries from About Life in Surry Hills as they stock organic produce and good selection of organic and free range meats.

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My Top 3 Smoothies + Ultra Bullet Review

I broke my cheap K-Mart blender not long ago, so this was a good excuse and a perfect reason to purchase something that will last longer. My biggest issue when it comes to blenders or juicers is the cleaning process. I need something that is very easy to clean. And definitely something that will save my time, be cost effective and of high quality. Since Nutri Bullet was so widely advertised and came with 3 year warranty, i went and go it. It cost me around $200 from David Jones, and so far i love it!

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