Probiotic Smoothie Recipe

Our gut health is everything , it is so important to have plenty of good bacteria in our body to maintain your energy levels, proper body function, radiant skin condition, healthy hair just to name a few. Probiotics are extremely important in your diet, so here is a very delicious way to make sure you get plenty of good bacteria in your body.


Your main ingredient for this smoothie is Twisted Coconut Yogurt. It’s 98% fat free, made from all natural ingredients and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health. And guest what?  Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is gluten free which makes it very easy on your stomach.

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1 .Half of mango

2. Whole banana

3. A cup of Coconut Water of your choice

4. 2 large scoops of Twisted Coconut Yogurt


Blend in your Nutri Bullet or blender, add some passion fruit on top and this is basicly it, you got yourself a mouthwatering smoothie full of goodness and good bacteria! Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is also very good on its own, as a dessert. I am usually not a fan of coconut yogurts, but this is beyond! I would eat it for days! Highly recommend you guys to try it too! Just pop in to your local Woolworth!


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Releaving Stress in the most beautiful way


What can be more delicate and naturally stunning than a bunch of fresh roses? Not only they can so effortlessly uplift your mood but drinking rose water can relieve stress, sooth your stomach and detox your body.

Roses are symbol of love and purity and traditionally were used in meditation and prayer. Not only they help to clean your body from the inside, they were used in medicine to treat reflux, depression, constipation, high blood sugar levels, stress and even grief. Rose water taken internally or externally is also amazing for your skin. Cleopatra used to drink it and bath in it to hydrate the skin, tighten pores and reduce wrinkles. It’s a natural beauty enhance full of vitamins A,B,C and E. It truly is an ancient beauty remedy.

Rose water is easy to prepare yourself but then you would have to go and buy bunch of fresh roses every time your drink will run out and it can get quite messy. You make it by storing rose petals in a jar filled with distilled water and steeping in the sun for 2 days. To make rose water tea, steep a handful of rose petals in boiling water for 10 minutes and strain. Pink and red petals make the most fragrant tea.


But here is a better solution! CILK Rose Water Extract is very strong and powerful supplement. The best thing about it is that it is organic, unlike roses you get from shops which has been sprayed with chemicals. It is quite strong so you will only need 5-10 drops of rose water extract in clean distilled water. I am inlove with the gorgeous and stylish packaging, i ended up having it displayed on my shelf in the living room instead of kitchen, just because it looks too damn good. It came in simple white box with a beautiful white ribbon around it, it looked like a stunning perfume bottle (and smelled like one too) but don’t be fouled, this Rose water is to be used internally not topically.

How gorg! This bottle of beauty can make the most perfect Valentine’s Day present. Costs $79 AUD and can be purchased HERE





Grown Alchemist – Review

Real beauty and anti-aging results without harmful chemicals is what this brand is all about.Grown Alchemist is another great organic skin care range that i would highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural approach to prevent ageing.You can read more about their philosophy and what they use in their products  here.

Grown Alchemist is a very stylish and chic brand. I love how they incorporate cool and trendy appeal with natural ingredients. I absolutely love their clean and simplistic packaging. These products not only look good on your skin but also on your bathroom shelf. It is worth mentioning that Grown Alchemist is very affordable, some of the serums might be high end in terms of price and ingredients, but this is the case with most brands.

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Cactus Skin Care Review

In case you are wondering whether this skincare is made of an actual cactus, it is. Or cactus extracts to be more specific. The reasons for that are the anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties found in cactus plant.

Last Spring and most of the Summer i changed my skin care routine a little bit and went for non-toxic ,chemicals free and organic skin care. What you put on your skin will end up in your blood stream so going with natural creams and serums seemed like the right thing to do.

Cactus skin care is relatively new so I gave it a go as it started to become a big thing in the world of Instagram and a lot of girls I knew were using it.

A big selling point was that the company does not test on animals and also that you can order a small trial pack before purchasing full size products. That’s a pretty good way to see whether the product is right for you!Back when they started, the trial pack was free, it is now $5. Trial packs are gorgeously presented in a cute envelope filled with dried flowers and a very personal hand written letter .  After I’ve used my trial pack I’ve purchased full size products for Combination skin.

My Trial Pack

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser was by far my favourite product of all, it literally makes your skin feel squeaky clean and it smells divine. White Clay Mask is also pretty good and feels very gentle on the skin. All cream and serums are super hydrating and don’t leave your skin feeling greasy. As you can see from the picture above, I still have Cactus Intense Hydrating Cream and Intense Eye Cream. Those products lasted me forever, they are so rich in consistency that i think they will also be pretty great for the colder seasons.

If you are looking for a natural, organic skin care – Cactus Skin Care is perfect for you and suitable for any age category.

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