Fine Dinning French Style – Felix 10/10

My family and I are regular at Felix. In fact, Felix is the only restaurant my parents get extremely excited about. If i,myself, had to recommend a good restaurant it would be Felix,without a doubt.. This is my absolute 10/10 especially after being to Paris multiple times, i still think this is the best french bistro  in Sydney and Paris.

Felix is gorgeous french restaurant located in the Sydney CBD, right next to the Ivy. Felix is an award winning Merivale venue and if you ever came in for lunch or dinner you will understand why. It is a little Paris hidden in busy streets of Sydney’s business district.Everything about it is authentic french starting from the interiors, table set out, french waiters and waitresses to absolutely sensational dishes. Yes, it is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it.I would highly suggest it for an intimate first date experience or cosy family dinner. Make sure to make a booking though, as Felix is always full of customers, Sunday lunch is probably your list busy option.

Is this a date night venue? Absolutely! If you are over the heels for someone or would like to impress your date, you should definitely book Felix for dinner.


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You will be introduced to a huge selection of  mid to high range wines. Australian, Italian, French wines…they have it all. Right in the middle you will see an oyster island with oysters being opened fresh right in front of you, coming from different regions of Australia.

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How cute is my dad 🙂

Seafood platters are large and full of fresh variety.Perfect on a summer lunch date with some authentic french champagne

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France is known for amazing french soups. Make sure to enquirer about soups de jour. Hot bowl of soup is amazing for a cold winter lunch or even as an entree.

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But the steaks are what will get your taste buds going. Felix cooks the most delicious steaks and meats you can possibly get.

CaptureAnd of course, not forgetting that France is famous for beautiful french desserts. From panacota, to chocolate to champagne jelly. Desserts are another must try at Felix, with a cup of coffee or Affogato.1934089_10153289768993568_6315716265663500807_n1505174_10153289769028568_8941245788805535691_n4 Sitting outside or inside, for family dinner, lunch with friends or a romantic date – Felix is perfect for any occasion, especially for the lovers of fine dinning and fine french cuisine.

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Just wanna pop in for an intimate drink or a quick cup of coffee?  The bar has a huge selection of cocktails, wine and spirits.

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Felix Bistro & Bar

2 Ash St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 9240 3000

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Bar Machiavelli – 5/10: Good Food, Great Interiors, Bad Service.

Our visit to Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay was a bitter sweet one, unfortunately. But i must admit that the space is absolutely fantastic, interiors are pretty impressive with a slight Italian touch to it. I loved the projections on the walls featuring Italian culture, traditions and the meaning of their exquisite body language. The exposed brick walls and overall rustic yet contemporary feel to it was quiet fascinating, especially given how large the space is.  You must book in advance though otherwise you will be waiting for quite a while to get a table. If you ever end up waiting, there is a bar with large selection of wine and spirits and staff is quite skillful in cocktail making. Cocktails are absolutely amazing.

Is this a date night venue? Yes it can be, but something a bit more casual, maybe when you are not 100% sure about this person, or a blind date such as Tinder.Why? Mainly because there’s a huge bar where you can start of and then see if you’d like to take it further and get a table. The venue is huge so it doesn’t necessarily give you that romantic and intimate feeling. Food is nice yet still a bit casual.

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We had a booking for about 30 – 35 people, it was my friend’s birthday dinner. However, even though the tables were booked way in advance and most of us arrived in time, somehow we ended up waiting for an hour to get to our table. That’s a bit of a let down, but i guess that is why there is a bar.

Eventually we made it to our tables ( without any apologies for the delay from the staff) we were given the set menu $75pp. It is quite debatable whether it was worth the price. The first entree was an absolute bomb and probably my favourite thing out of their whole set menu. Burata with fresh prosciutto and figs. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. I can easily have this dish every day,if you ever visit Bar Machiavelli, make sure to order Burrata.

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The second entree was quite disappointing – calamari rings… yes they were fresh and delish but maybe in a posh kind of pub, not so much a restaurant. So this was a definite let down.

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I had a spatchcock for a main dish. It was tasty, nothing too extraordinary but definitely worth ordering.

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Crème brûlée was out of this world! So smooth and delicate, just the way it should be.

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As mentioned previously, the service was a huge let down for a stunning and busy restaurant like Bar Machiavelli. We ended up pouring our own wine and chase waiters ourselves. At the end of the night we ended up making a complain about the service and received a very disappointing response saying ” Well…this is not a fine dinning”.

So make your own judgement out of that, i would recommend it for a casual dinner where service isn’t everything and you just want the food and not the experience. I wouldn’t recommend it for any large events or birthday parties, either. Mainly because our Birthday girl was promised not to be charged for no shows at her event, yet we have been $350 overcharged. So keep that in mind too.


Bar Machiavelli
10 Neild Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW 7750

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WIP is another awesome venue owned by Merivale Group.  WIP is a very small and pretty casual dumpling joint in Sydney CBD (right next to Bistro de CBD Hotel). The whole venue is extremely relaxed with a very unusual feel to it.. Very rock and roll and a bit “unmerivale”, but you will probably get the best dumplings in the  city at WIP, food is fantastic! If you are looking for something different at your lunch break or for dinner with mates, then this is perfect!

I had a quite large group of people with me so we ended up with a private room. Here is the interior so you get the idea of the ” unusual feel” i mentioned earlier. It’s like an underground Asian mafia kinda of venue. Dumplings and beer all night for us, please!

Is this a date night venue? Not really, it is too casual for date, unless it’s “Let’s just be friends” kinda date or a simple and quick Tinder date.Food is delicious but the surroundings are a bit rough, this venue will suit you if you have that kind of personality or if your date is artsy, low maintenance or punky kinda girl 🙂

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Chiswick – 9/10 Rating

Chiswick is a gorgeous restaurant surrounded by a beautiful garden and located in the heart of Wollahra. It was definitely on my list of must visit, so I got very excited when my good friend Jordan (Sloans Salon North Sydney) decided to host his birthday celebration at Chiswick.

We all had set menus for $80 pp, i recon it’s pretty good for the amount and variety of absolutely delicious food we have received for the price.

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