Edition Coffee Roasters – 9/10

Edition Coffee Roasters are situated in Darlinghurst and might the most interesting cafe you would ever have to visit in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Apart from minimalistic and contemporary interior design and general approach which makes the place stand out, the cuisine is what truly defines it. The most unusual mix of Contemporary Japanese meets Nordic surrealism. You’d think it’s a weird mix, but it is absolutely mind blowing. The food is so delicious and coffee is seriously what i would look forward to every morning. Edition is my number one place for  lunch, it’s the place where i go to treat myself on a rainy day.

So if you are visiting Edition Coffee Roasters for breakfast, here are your best bets:


The photo above is Yakuza’s Breakfast – $19 (hot matcha pancakes with passion fruit and native honey). I wonder why they called it Yakuza’s Breakfast though, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, Yakuza is one of the most powerful crime organisations in Japan. You’ll love the hot cakes if you prefer sweet breakfasts and don’t mind the green tea flavor. For me, however, this dish is more of a dessert. I think it is a bit too sweet to have first thing in the morning.


Garden of Valhalla – ($16) is basically a delicious combination of vegetables and coffee cured egg yolk. So a lot of veggies and some protein. Tastes insane pretty much due to coffee cured yolk, some vegetables are also fermented. I’d say this is the healthiest option for breakfast, but not too filling.


Selections of fresh juices and variety of coffee origins are pretty amazing. Coffee is made to perfection and you also get to select the beans , they do cold drip coffee and also the Elixir Coffee which i will talk about more below.


Now starting with my best selections for lunch. Below is Sticky Mushroom on brioche bun – $15, it is probably my favourite lunch option of all.It is pretty healthy too, with mushrooms, japanese slaw, smoked shichimi mayo and lotus crisps inside the bun. Very filling and delicious. If you are vegetarian you will love this.Everything is combined to it’s true perfection.


Fisksoppa is my favourite cold weather option. It is a traditional Nordic fish soup with just a slight touch of japanese. It is something like a creamy miso soup in a way but with chunks of seasonal fish, creamy base and  pastry that you can dip into the broth. Fisksoppa is seriously amazing, nothing beats this in winter! I mean just look at this presentation!


And finally something slightly more traditional japanese – Salmon Sashimi with fish roe. Unfortunately this dish is currently not in the menu, but hopefully it will be back soon.



Now this is something completely new – Elixir Coffee. It’s as caffeinated as strong tea, looks like whiskey (and serves like whiskey) but… it’s coffee. It is definitely not as strong as the “traditional” coffee but it’s good to have a small pick me up in the afternoon. It’s quite nice and refreshing and still contains significant amount of caffeine. All we know that this is a cold drip coffee, the rest of the process is unknown.Lee Safar is the woman behind the Elixir Specialty Coffee, i have heard that she charges Elixir with positive energy. How lovely.


 Edition Coffee Roasters
265 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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