Collecting Consciousness

I love complimentary medicine and pretty much anything that would enhance my overall well-being. I have tried a lot of interesting things in my life, except for Reiki and Acupuncture. My curiosity brought me to Gina Yallamas from Collecting Consciousness. Gina works with traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and energy healing. Soon enough we met at her beautiful clinic in Birchgrove for Energy Healing Session. What is Energy Healing?  From my understanding, it is a combination of Reiki and Acupuncture. Gina believes that illness occurs because of an imbalance in your energetic bodies at varying levels within your Electromagnetic field (EMF) and physical body. These energy fields and the physical body are interconnected and tuned in to each other allowing the transfer of information from the EMF to your physical body and back again. When you are balanced and in good health, these fields are interacting harmoniously, however when you present with illness, disease, pain or emotional problems, your energetic fields become distorted creating an imbalance that manifests in the physical body. As we are all just energy, we really require energy medicine to be of therapeutic benefit to our bodies.

The studio is absolutely gorgeous. My appointment started with Gina explaining how Reiki and Acupuncture work together.We discussed my concerns and what currently bothers me. Nothing bothers me these days, so we agreed on a simple energy balancing session. As I lied down on the bed we started with Reiki first. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” but not actually touching the body. It is feels as if the practitioner is touching your aura and re-balancing your chakras. It is truly relaxing. During this process things that troubled me at the time, started to fade away and i felt a ray of positivity going through my body. Then Gina grabed tiny acupuncture needles and gently inserted them into my skin; one right at the base of my forehead, another two in both of my wrists. and another two on the side of my feet. It doesn’t hurt, you do not feel them at all. The ones on  my feet did sting a little though. It is a strange feeling lying on the bed with your eyes closed trying to be relaxed while knowing you have needles sticking out of you. But that is the part of the Energy Healing experience.

By the end of it i felt relaxed, positive and ready for face my monday.

If you would like to try this experience and get your chakras in balance, see details below:

Ph: 0408 698 845



Address: Studio You, 135 Rowntree St, Birchgrove, Sydney, 2041.




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