Verdem Skincare Launch – QVB, Sydney


Would you try a snake venom creme as an alternative to Botox? Or have your face covered in 24 carat gold or liquid diamonds? Well i did. I went to launch of Verdem the other day where you get the chance to try all the expensive skincare and treatments. Verdem combines multiple high end (and new to our market) brands such as Origani, Lionesse, Celestolite,Venofye… to name a few. The launch was amazing with delicious canapes and Chandon to celebrate the opening of something new and bit different at QVB.


The first treatment i have tried was the Black Pearl’s 24k gold facial mask on one side of my face so i could tell you the difference later. Cannot tell you exactly the RRP was over $1000 for a jar of liquid gold.


We all have heard of similar masks and treatments with use of 24K gold BUT here is one little twist that made me speechless, you do not remove this mask the same way you do any other! You use a real magnet that comes with the jar and it, literally, sucks out all the gold that has been absorbed in your pores, it takes out the gold particles and also all the dirt and impurities from your skin. Just check it out, the beautician did not even touch my skin with it and here is the result of what came out!


This is by far the most expensive brand i have ever came across, complete skincare range will cost you a fortune or few grand to say the least. But results were amazing! My skin looked so clean and flawless for days after that quick treatment. My pores were very clear too. So if you do have that kinda money, by all means go ahead and spoil yourself because is absolutely worth it!


The other side of my face tried the snake venom mask by Venofye. This mask supposed to work the same way  botox does, but obviously without the needles involved. It gets very hot once you put it on you face but once you take the mask of you can see the result instantly. I mean there is nothing drastic, but skin looks tightened and more plumped.


Verdem have amazing range of products to try, to me, they are quite unique. Like for exactly the Diamond peel from Lionesse. Liquid diamonds are put on your skin, then easily peeled off revealing the smoothest, brightest skin. Very impressive1-13

I only tried it on my hand as i had no space left on my face from all the treatments applied, but this is what it looks like


Another great brand i have tried at Verdem is Gaya cosmetics. Which is natural make up line. I am going to be honest, i am yet to find a good natural make-up brand and this one did not impress me much to commit to it.


I loved the lipsticks and mascara ( that we got to take home) but once again i am disappointed with the foundations and facial powders, uneven consistency and pores are even more visible after the application. So yes to everything in Gaya collection except for the foundation/powders.


I did get a quick make over and my skin looked amazing after all the treatments, as you can see


The event was a lot of fun. Thank you Verdem for inviting me and treating me like a queen.


Dessert came with little gold leaves, how sweet 🙂



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