Breakfast with Mr Toppers

I found a new favourite breakfast spot in Bondi – Mr Troppers Toastie Bar, where you can get you classic gourmet toasties for breakfast or lunch. And it is only $11! They make delicious coffee too to accompany your toast. Since the colder months are here i got double shot almond latte and a meatball toastie. And oh my god was it amazing! I’ve been craving it for days after, definitely coming back for more! Another great option that i am thinking of trying next is The Daily toastie with avo, charcoal dusted goats feta, mild chilli flakes and mixed sesame. Sounds pretty mind blowing and most importantly healthy.

So if you are around Bondi Beach, please head to Mr Troppers Toastie Bar for an amazing experienceunnamed


Mr Toppers Toastie Bar

222 Campbell Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026

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