A Guide to Sydney Flower Markets

I am a bit crazy and sometimes i need  flowers in the middle of the night, so basically this is what happened. I got myself out of a bed at 4am and drove to Sydney Flower Markets where you can purchase locally grown or imported flowers for a fraction of a price, not to mention the variety you can find all in one place.

Sydney Flower Markets is basically where regular people and florists go to to get flowers for their homes or shops or events. It opens very early in the morning at 5am and most of stock is pretty much gone in 2 hours. It’s not a large place but the flowers are gorgeous and you can get a nice bunch of long luscious roses for as little as $10.


Quick Guide to Sydney Flower Markets:

  1. The market is officially opened at 5 am and closes at 11am, however there won’t be much left by about 7ish.
  2. The market is open from Mon – Sat. It is closed on Sunday. Friday’s are the busiest days. Tuesdays are the quietest. I went on a Saturday and it was fine.
  3.  Parking is hard to find and you will have to pay for it also. Except for Saturdays, parking is free on Saturdays
  4. Don’t forget to bring a trolley or a box with you if you planning on buying lots of flowers. All flowers are untreated meaning some of them might have thorns on them,so you might want to have an easier way of carrying the flowers
  5. As mentioned above, the flowers are untreated so you will need to do most of the work yourself such as removing bottom leaves and thorns, and also cutting the steams
  6. Bring cash. Wholesalers prefer to deal with cash otherwise they will have to charge you extra.
  7. Go for a wonder first. Check out all the stands to make sure you are buying the best of the best.
  8. Be your own florists. You can purchase all the large leaves and decorations separately, so you can create your own flowers compositions and beautiful bouquets.
  9. While you are there you might want to check out some food markets too and pick up some fresh fruits and veggies


And this is what my bunches of roses look like ( i just felt like roses on that day really)



Sydney Flower Markets

250-318 Parramatta Road, Flemington NSW

9325 6228

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