Chiswick – 9/10 Rating

Chiswick is a gorgeous restaurant surrounded by a beautiful garden and located in the heart of Wollahra. It was definitely on my list of must visit, so I got very excited when my good friend Jordan (Sloans Salon North Sydney) decided to host his birthday celebration at Chiswick.

We all had set menus for $80 pp, i recon it’s pretty good for the amount and variety of absolutely delicious food we have received for the price.

So here is what you get for $80 per person


Every single dish is seriously 10/10, so healthy and nutritious. No access oil, no visible fat, just nice clean and delicious meals



We had dessert and an additional chocolate Birthday cake that you can also purchase from Chiswick. I am not even going to describe what it tastes like, i think all the pictures speak for themselves. Chocolate is super rich but not over the top, it is so easy to finish the whole thing.


How good does the cake look!

The birthday lunch was perfect, the weather was nice, staff is very fun and friendly with exceptional customer services skills as you would expect at a venue like Chiswick. Highly recommend for date nights and celebrations.


 Please note, all images are copyrighted. If you would like to use our images please contact us via email to discuss – For Instagram use please give us a shout out using @marinaspark and also link to our blog. 

65 Ocean St, Woollahra NSW 2025
(02) 8388 8688





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