Organism – Rating 7/10

I am starting my first blog with my absolute favourite café – Organism. It is a hidden gem, and it took me a while to even notice it as I walked past it quite often.

Organism café is a renovated town house on Crown Street in Surry Hills. If you don’t know the area well, it is very close to Kawa café. The interior is very welcoming with a cozy homely feel, being an interior designer by trade, I always pay a lot of attentions to the surroundings and décor.

Also being a health freak, I absolutely loved the fact that Organism uses organic ingredients (hence the price), fresh produce and all the dishes appear to be healthy but absolutely delicious. Another great thing about Organism is that you can get free wifi, which makes it a perfect place for those of you working outside of office.  My usual weekend would start there, with my laptop, an espresso, a juice and an amazing meal.  It is a nice place to sit down and get some work done.My favourite dish used to be Black Pasta Salad, unfortunately I have noticed that it is no longer available 😦 . The staff is very friendly too, the lady who runs the place is super cute.

On my very first visit to Organism I ordered Marinated cherry tomato ($6), Black Pasta Salad ($18) and a Mojito Coffee ($7) The food is absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. Marinated cherry tomatoes are perfectly salted and marinated to the right level of acidity. Pasta is delicious with very crisp and fresh veggies. Mojito coffee is my favourite! Very citrusy with a hint of coffee, to be honest, as delicious as it was, I needed to have an additional shot of esspesso after it to keep my self awake.



My next favourite was the Crab Meat Slider. Crab meat on a brioche bun with lime mayo and some veggies. Just a glamorous turn to your every day bun, crab meat cooked to perfection and comes with a side of baked potato, all ingredients complementing each other perfectly. untitledFavourite breakfast option would be Bircher Quinoa ($14). Perfect for celiacs and people following the gluten free trend. No oats, just quinoa and other goodness such as seasonal fruits, yogurt, mint, honey and best of all – apple jelly. Of course my usual double shot of espresso and Pomegranate Vinegar aid to chase it with after. Another healthy breakfast on point!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

For those of you going for something quick and simple I would recommend ” Crush’n on Avo”($14) . Just your regular avocado on toast with cherry tomatoes . Simple but nourishing. I must add it is a bit over priced unfortunately, I am more used to avocado on toast being less than $10, but I guess given that this is organic produce going on a slice of bread, it might be worth the money for health conscious. Just look at that presentation and a ranbow of colours! Makes me hungry!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Here is another great option for those of you who like their breakfast more sweet than sour. This beautiful creation called Banana Crostini ($14), although it is the same price as avocado on toast, it is definitely worth the money. Braised banana, ricotta, honeycomb, wallnust, cranberries on a piece of toast. Yep, worth paying $14. Sweet, yet still relatively healthy!


I’ve just realized that I have tried almost every single thing on the menu, few more dishes to explore but I will add them in the next Organism review. Now, apart from amazing coffee selection, they also have freshly squeezed juices that were my favourite during summer along with Mojito Coffee. However, coming to the colder season I absolutely must advise you on trying Sweet Potato Latte, you won’t see in on the menu below as it is usually always on the Specials board.Once again you can hardly feel any buzz from caffeine but the flavor is so delicious and warming, I cannot wait for colder months to come and just watch the rain and enjoy this latte.

Well that is all for now, I am leaving you with some images I took of the interiors and the rest of the menu, so you get the idea.


Full Menu



Cafe Organism 288 Crown St, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW 2010
(02) 7901 2509

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