Verdem Skincare Launch – QVB, Sydney


Would you try a snake venom creme as an alternative to Botox? Or have your face covered in 24 carat gold or liquid diamonds? Well i did. I went to launch of Verdem the other day where you get the chance to try all the expensive skincare and treatments. Verdem combines multiple high end (and new to our market) brands such as Origani, Lionesse, Celestolite,Venofye… to name a few. The launch was amazing with delicious canapes and Chandon to celebrate the opening of something new and bit different at QVB.


The first treatment i have tried was the Black Pearl’s 24k gold facial mask on one side of my face so i could tell you the difference later. Cannot tell you exactly the RRP was over $1000 for a jar of liquid gold.


We all have heard of similar masks and treatments with use of 24K gold BUT here is one little twist that made me speechless, you do not remove this mask the same way you do any other! You use a real magnet that comes with the jar and it, literally, sucks out all the gold that has been absorbed in your pores, it takes out the gold particles and also all the dirt and impurities from your skin. Just check it out, the beautician did not even touch my skin with it and here is the result of what came out!


This is by far the most expensive brand i have ever came across, complete skincare range will cost you a fortune or few grand to say the least. But results were amazing! My skin looked so clean and flawless for days after that quick treatment. My pores were very clear too. So if you do have that kinda money, by all means go ahead and spoil yourself because is absolutely worth it!


The other side of my face tried the snake venom mask by Venofye. This mask supposed to work the same way  botox does, but obviously without the needles involved. It gets very hot once you put it on you face but once you take the mask of you can see the result instantly. I mean there is nothing drastic, but skin looks tightened and more plumped.


Verdem have amazing range of products to try, to me, they are quite unique. Like for exactly the Diamond peel from Lionesse. Liquid diamonds are put on your skin, then easily peeled off revealing the smoothest, brightest skin. Very impressive1-13

I only tried it on my hand as i had no space left on my face from all the treatments applied, but this is what it looks like


Another great brand i have tried at Verdem is Gaya cosmetics. Which is natural make up line. I am going to be honest, i am yet to find a good natural make-up brand and this one did not impress me much to commit to it.


I loved the lipsticks and mascara ( that we got to take home) but once again i am disappointed with the foundations and facial powders, uneven consistency and pores are even more visible after the application. So yes to everything in Gaya collection except for the foundation/powders.


I did get a quick make over and my skin looked amazing after all the treatments, as you can see


The event was a lot of fun. Thank you Verdem for inviting me and treating me like a queen.


Dessert came with little gold leaves, how sweet 🙂


March Into Merivale 2017

This year March into Merivale started with a storm and everyone being completely drenched. Which in a way was amazing as it was not crowded like last year.  So this year Merivale came up with something a little bit different, and transformed the whole ivy complex altogether. This year Ash Street Laneway became Asian Street Food Market, Pailings was transformed into Australia vs Mexico dinner feast, Level 2 bars into Heavenly High Tea, The Den into AMEX, The Ballroom into European Garden and The Pool Club into Ibiza Party. The tickets were $60 BUT (unlike last year) the food vouchers were only for drinks, meaning  you get 3 drinks of your choice per person and you can eat all your want ( although they were trying to limit it to 11 dishes per person, but it did not seem like they were running out anyway)

unnamed (20)Pailings served amazing Grilled Prawn Skewers with mango and chilli salsa – my absolute favourite out of what Palings had to offer. Ultimate cheeseburger is the second favourite, a must try for all you burger lovers out there. And other dishes such as Rotisserie lamb tacos, mushroom quesadilla with spicy pebre sauce, smoked hot wings and spinach dip puffs. Mexican vibe was present everywhere you look, from hosts outfits, to decorations to an authentic live lucha libre match right in front of you.

unnamed (19)unnamed (18)unnamed (17)unnamed (16)unnamedunnamed (14)unnamed (1)unnamed (18)unnamed (19)

Level 2 was decorated with balloons and flowers and served Pina Colada Marshmellows, Passionfruit chocolate truffles, doughnuts, Dulcey caramel mousse tuille cups and other desserts

unnamed (17)unnamed (16)unnamed (15)

Ibiza themed Pool Club served Buffalo Sausages, Entrana Steaks, delicious clams cooked in a large paella pan, Pork bellies prepared in front of you over fire. And anise seed liquor over shaved ice. I loved the atmosphere of The Pool Club and we were extremely lucky for the rain to finally stop and since it was not busy just yet, we managed to get a nice table and enjoy the view.

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unnamed (11)unnamed (10)unnamed (13)unnamed (14)unnamed (12)

Not to forget dessert Creme Catalan Tart

unnamed (22)


The Ballroom, however, was the highlight of the whole venue.  Pimped out to the fullest and covered in flowers head to toe by Flower Head (Merivale’s in-house florist). Apart from live band and exquisite decorations, the masterpiece of the ballroom was most definitely the giant cheese and cured meat spread, right in the middle of the room, and probably (from what it looked like) five meters long.

unnamed (12)unnamed (11)unnamed (26)unnamed (29)unnamed (30)unnamedunnamed (24)unnamed (23)unnamed (25)unnamed (27)unnamed (13)unnamed (8)unnamed (10)unnamed (9)unnamed (28)

Towards the end of the launch the laneway was filled with people to the point that it was extremely hard to get through. Just like the true Asian Market. It was actually insane and probably the only negative thing about the night. But that’s were (if you manage to get through) you can try some authentic Asian dishes like Pork Belly Bao, Fried Chicken Bao, Sichuan Cumin Lamb Skewers, Thai Moo Ping Skewers, Stem Prawn Shumai, King Crab Scallop, Crispy Duck Spring Rolls to name a few.

unnamed (6)unnamed (5)unnamed (7)unnamed (4)unnamed (3)unnamed (2)

Till next year March Into Merivale!

Pure Hair Food for Your Hair

Pure hair food hair care range is like a green smoothie for your hair. It doesn’t contain any nasties or paraben and sulphate , it is natural, it is organic, it is nourishing and it makes your hair smell amazing. Pure hair food is all about health and mindfulness, it does not support animal testing and it’s Australian made.


Pure Hair Foods have a large selection of product to suit any type of hair. Some natural shampoos leave you feeling like you have some residue  left on your hair after you wash and dry it. But not Pure Hair Foods! Hair is soft and silky and full of volume. My hair is fine so they sent me Boost Your Hair shampoo and conditioner along with some styling products such as Curl Your Hair Antifreeze  and Smooth Your Hair Blowwave Creme. Which is perfect as i blow dry my hair all the time for shoots and on day to day basis. So far i am very happy with the result and i love knowing that i am using natural and cruelty free products.


Nothing negative to add about this product except the pump on one of the products doesn’t seem to be working, it just won’t pop up, but i think that’s a lot of products out there anyway.


ASI – The Immortal Mask

They call it immortal for a reason. This is Dermal Face Lift Mask from Australian Skin Institute, developed specifically to combat aging.

The Dermal Face Lift mask dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging on the entire face and ensures 24 hour lasting hydration. An instant wrinkle filling, rejuvenating and plumping effect is provided by boosting collagen, elastin, and hydration.


I’ve tried it and i absolutely love it! It truly does reduce fine lines ( and you get a bit of them when you are over 30 ),plumps up your skin, improves skin tone and hydrates. Whilst on, it felt like any other sheet masks but the result was drastic! So if you are looking for a quick result and instant skin improvement especially if you are going out for an event, this is the way to go.


The key ingredients are Copper Tripeptide-1, sh-Oligopeptide-1, sh-Oligopeptide-2, sh-Polypeptide-1, sh-Polypeptide-2 and you can purchase this mask either in a packet of  five ($208.95) or single sheets ( $54.95 per sheet).



Cafe Perons Sundown Sessions

Cafe Perons is located in the heart of Bay street, Double Bay. In fact, it’s my local lunch and coffee place. Cafe Perons is well known for it’s amazing healthy salads and Mediterranean cuisine, but now it is also open for sundown sessions Friday and Saturday evenings. Where you can come in for a cocktail or a glass of wine and share decadent antipasto platters with friends.


Cafe Perons Sundown Sessions Launch was a lot of fun. With amazing watermelon cocktails, canapes, cheese board and,of course, huge plate of finest antipasto selections right in the middle of the room!

Image (1)Image-1

Caffe Perons

Corner of Short and Bay Streets, Double Bay NSW 2028

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Probiotic Smoothie Recipe

Our gut health is everything , it is so important to have plenty of good bacteria in our body to maintain your energy levels, proper body function, radiant skin condition, healthy hair just to name a few. Probiotics are extremely important in your diet, so here is a very delicious way to make sure you get plenty of good bacteria in your body.


Your main ingredient for this smoothie is Twisted Coconut Yogurt. It’s 98% fat free, made from all natural ingredients and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health. And guest what?  Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is gluten free which makes it very easy on your stomach.

unnamed (4)


1 .Half of mango

2. Whole banana

3. A cup of Coconut Water of your choice

4. 2 large scoops of Twisted Coconut Yogurt


Blend in your Nutri Bullet or blender, add some passion fruit on top and this is basicly it, you got yourself a mouthwatering smoothie full of goodness and good bacteria! Twisted Frozen Coconut Yogurt is also very good on its own, as a dessert. I am usually not a fan of coconut yogurts, but this is beyond! I would eat it for days! Highly recommend you guys to try it too! Just pop in to your local Woolworth!


unnamed (3)

Italian Affair with Uccello – Review 9/10

unnamed (17)

Uccello (means “bird”in Italian) is a hidden rooftop bar at the Ivy Pool bar and nightclub.It is a cozy venue with traditional and contemporary Italian feel to it, overlooking the pool side area of the famous Ivy rooftop bar.It is not widely known since it is more hidden that the other restaurants in the area, but it’s more and more becoming popular for business lunches and fancy dinner outings with a lovely homely feel.


Uccello is famous for their exceptional selection of antipasti and their wine collection, not to mention they use freshest produce and inspiration from different places all over the Italy.

The wine and champagne collection is huge, as i mentioned, they can also create amazing cocktails. On my last visit we’ve had La Vigna di Sarah 2014, a beautiful light Prosecco.

Followed by antipasti of Prosciutto di Parma, fig, balsamic, cravero parmesan  ($26), just as good as meat cuts from Italian  county side, very fresh and decadent.

unnamed (14)

My most favourite entree out of them all is Split Yamba prawns with chili and parsley prepared on wood fire ($34). Oh my god, this is to die for! If you love seafood and chilly, you absolutely must try this. So gentle with an extra kick to it, entrees just do not get better that this!

unnamed (13)

Another great seafood antipasti option is Octopus with chickpea puree and witlof  ($26), very soft octopus with a bit of spice. It is very delicate and  delicious.

unnamed (12)

They will make a vegetarian option also, if you request. A must have vegetarian entree is a five way squash. Which is literally just that, five different types of squash with a beautiful dressing on a side of hummus and tomatoes that every vegetarian/vegan would enjoy.

unnamed (11)

Let’s not forget about oysters.

unnamed (20)

Coming to your mains, the fish of the day is highly recommended if you are full from all the antipasti and would like something light and very fresh. For obvious reasons, fish of the day constantly changing but what ever it is it will literally melt in you mouth. It will come with delicious eggplant salad on the side.

unnamed (8)

And again for vegetarians and vegans Uccello makes amazing pasta dish, full of vegetables, herbs and spices, very Italian in deed!

unnamed (9)

Burrawong chicken with  Romano field peppers, guanciale and  parsley ($42) is cooked to an absolute perfection. Chicken was definitely my main of choice.

unnamed (10)

Uccello has a separate steak menu, cooked as you like it and done to perfection. For lovers of heavy meals try a Bangalow pork belly with  glazed pork neck and wood fire grilled plums ($46)

unnamed (19)


When choosing a side dish you may want to consider Sautéed sebago in duck fat and  rosemary  ($11) which is basically a dish of potatoes, but oh my god that duck fat will blow your mind! Done in finest Italian tradition!

unnamed (7)

And as of dessert, here are three amazing options for you:


First one being  Zokoko dark chocolate mousse with  mascarpone sabayon and espresso granita  ($18), i must warn you it has a very strong coffee taste to it, so if you are not a coffee drinker or do not enjoy the taste or smell of – keep away. Second is deliciously sour lemon tart with vanilla cream ( not ice cream, unfortunately) ($16). And third is my all time favourite – Raspberry sorbet with salted and  sugar almond ($17) very refreshing and perfect to end your meal with and cleanse your palette. Also suitable for vegetarians.

I must say Uccello is perfect for any occasion be it a friendly dinner, business lunch, family gathering or a hot date. If you would like to impress someone with an amazing dining experience and stunning poolside view surrounded by palm tree and attractive people – make a booking at Uccello! I have been with friends and family and we all love it here so much!


Level 4 Ivy Poolclub
320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Breakfast with Mr Toppers

I found a new favourite breakfast spot in Bondi – Mr Troppers Toastie Bar, where you can get you classic gourmet toasties for breakfast or lunch. And it is only $11! They make delicious coffee too to accompany your toast. Since the colder months are here i got double shot almond latte and a meatball toastie. And oh my god was it amazing! I’ve been craving it for days after, definitely coming back for more! Another great option that i am thinking of trying next is The Daily toastie with avo, charcoal dusted goats feta, mild chilli flakes and mixed sesame. Sounds pretty mind blowing and most importantly healthy.

So if you are around Bondi Beach, please head to Mr Troppers Toastie Bar for an amazing experienceunnamed


Mr Toppers Toastie Bar

222 Campbell Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026

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Endeavour Tap Rooms Launch


Amazing new venue launched last night in the heart of The Rocks, a beautiful old fashion brewery with a modern twist delivering huge selection of beer brands and beer on tap, together with with extensive wine list and delicious bubbly that i was lucky to try.


Endeavour Tap Room is a brewery, bar and restaurant all in one, great location and great atmosphere. The food was absolutely delicious, you must try the burgers and the lamb!


This venue is perfect for catching up with friends after work or to have lunch with an amazing view of historical location.


Releaving Stress in the most beautiful way


What can be more delicate and naturally stunning than a bunch of fresh roses? Not only they can so effortlessly uplift your mood but drinking rose water can relieve stress, sooth your stomach and detox your body.

Roses are symbol of love and purity and traditionally were used in meditation and prayer. Not only they help to clean your body from the inside, they were used in medicine to treat reflux, depression, constipation, high blood sugar levels, stress and even grief. Rose water taken internally or externally is also amazing for your skin. Cleopatra used to drink it and bath in it to hydrate the skin, tighten pores and reduce wrinkles. It’s a natural beauty enhance full of vitamins A,B,C and E. It truly is an ancient beauty remedy.

Rose water is easy to prepare yourself but then you would have to go and buy bunch of fresh roses every time your drink will run out and it can get quite messy. You make it by storing rose petals in a jar filled with distilled water and steeping in the sun for 2 days. To make rose water tea, steep a handful of rose petals in boiling water for 10 minutes and strain. Pink and red petals make the most fragrant tea.


But here is a better solution! CILK Rose Water Extract is very strong and powerful supplement. The best thing about it is that it is organic, unlike roses you get from shops which has been sprayed with chemicals. It is quite strong so you will only need 5-10 drops of rose water extract in clean distilled water. I am inlove with the gorgeous and stylish packaging, i ended up having it displayed on my shelf in the living room instead of kitchen, just because it looks too damn good. It came in simple white box with a beautiful white ribbon around it, it looked like a stunning perfume bottle (and smelled like one too) but don’t be fouled, this Rose water is to be used internally not topically.

How gorg! This bottle of beauty can make the most perfect Valentine’s Day present. Costs $79 AUD and can be purchased HERE